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Antonella Rondina is a passionate designer who is inspired through nature. She uses the elements around the world to create unique shoes, perfect for each person they are custom made for. She works hard and wants the best product for each of her clients. 

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in every form we realize there is respect for the anatomy of the foot.

Materials -

High quality, raw materials, especially in respect of the environment, we look for where it is possible to pay attention to the use of natural leathers with a low environmental impact.


Being an artisanal product means each pair of shoes has a lot of craftsmanship and it is with passion that every operator takes care of the details, personally bringing the shoe to completion in every phase of its production.

Imperfections are part of our products, but these also contribute to making the product unique, respectful and valuable because it is a human being that makes them.

Limited series

Custom shoes: if you tell me a little about you I will try to create you personalized shoes that embody your character - that can talk about your story - they can be painted by hand and with personalized details.

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Wearing Roda shoes means having the courage to be yourself.

We are not always obliged to be the fruit of what the world proposes to us.

We follow the trends of the avant-gardes in a very careful and accurate way, the latest technologies in materials and workmanship, but each of us has our own identity. we respect your character.


There will be several styles, which will not necessarily respect the seasons, but A STYLE OF LIFE, WE STRONGLY BELIEVE IN THE PROJECT FOR EXCELLENCE

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